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Stages of Gum Disease And Seeing The Dentist

How Do You Know If You Have Gum Disease? Do you have swollen, tender, or bleeding gums? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide suffer from periodontal disease. This condition rarely causes severe pain or discomfort, so it important to understand the signs and […]

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Most Dental Insurance Plans Expire Every Year

time is up

Insurance Benefits – Use Them Or Lose Them – They Expire Each Year If you are fortunate enough to have dental benefits through your employer, you may or may not be aware that your benefits have an annual expiration date. While this isn’t true for every benefit […]

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Single Tooth Replacement Options

Single Tooth Replacement Options: How to Know Which Choice is Right for You As dental professionals, we love saving teeth, and strive to do so whenever possible. Unfortunately, there are simply some circumstances that require a tooth extraction, due to extensive dental decay, deep fractures, or gum […]

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We Are Your Lawrence Park Family Dentist

healthy child

Platinum Dental Care – Your Family Dentist @Lawrence Plaza   If you are like most parents, nothing is more important than your children’s health. At the same time, saving time (and preventing hassles) is an important part of your quality of life. At Platinum Dental Care, we […]

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Cosmetic Dental Care For The Smile You Want

cosmetic dentistry model

Platinum Dental Care offers cosmetic dentistry in Toronto so you can create the smile you want to display to the world.  Studies show that confidence is boosted with full, healthy, straight teeth, and that confidence can translate to opportunities in social, dating, work and career advancement situations. […]

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Is Tooth Loss a Natural Part of Aging?

tooth loss and concerned aging couple

Dentures are always associated with the elderly, but does that mean tooth loss is an unavoidable fact of getting older? No, it does not! With adequate care and dental treatments, the factors that most commonly lead to tooth loss can now be prevented, so you can keep […]

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Replace that Missing Tooth!

If you have lost a tooth to decay or an accident, there are several reasons why you should have it replaced. There are also multiple options for tooth replacement for you to choose from. At Platinum Dental Care, we believe every missing tooth should be replaced, so […]

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What to Expect When You Choose Dental Implants

What’s in store for you when you choose life-changing tooth implants treatment? For patients who have lost one or more teeth, dental implants can permanently restore your dental function and appearance. Since implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement, we tend to encourage our patients to […]

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Orthodontic Care For Your Kids – Toronto, ON

Common Orthodontic Treatments for Children You may have noticed children are getting braces at younger ages than in the past. In fact, it’s now recommended that children begin orthodontic assessment by age 7. You might think it’s impossible to tell, at this age, whether your child’s adult […]

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Is Fluoride Treatment Safe For Kids & Adults?

Fluoride Safety and Effectiveness You may have noticed that when it comes to fluoride, there is a lot of conflicting information to be found, especially with regards to children. Some studies say children should start with a smear of fluoride toothpaste before they reach the age of […]

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