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Dental Implants at Bathurst & Lawrence in Toronto

A missing tooth changes your smile, but dental implants can restore your smile.  Missing teeth can cause many problems, including plaque traps, shifting teeth, bone loss and the loss of other teeth.  Missing teeth can also make it difficult to smile or speak with confidence, or to chew or eat comfortably.

Because you want a healthy smile for life, and to avoid the unnecessary dental problems and self esteem issues caused by missing teeth, you can choose tooth replacement with dental implants at Platinum Dental Care in Toronto ON.
tooth replacement by dental implant

The best tooth replacement option is dental implants.

Dental implant treatment is considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth because it does not require adjacent teeth to be disturbed, and it prevents bone loss and associated dental problems caused by bone loss.


Dental implants are affordable with our 0% financing and payment plans, making it easy for you to invest in your dental health.


People who have had their teeth replaced with dental implants report a big wave of relief as their appearance, confidence and ability to speak, chew and eat with comfort is restored.

Don’t wait any longer – give yourself the gift and joy of tooth replacement today.

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