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dental braces and invisalign at lawrence plazaYour teeth move throughout your life, but sometimes they go off track. Because you want a healthy smile for life, and to avoid the unnecessary dental problems and self esteem issues that crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth can create, you choose orthodontic treatment to guide your teeth into their optimal position. At Platinum Dental Care, we’ll help you choose the orthodontic treatment that is right for you – whether it’s traditional braces, expander appliances, or Invisalign invisible braces.


You will be comfortable in the care of our professional team. Visits will be easy to schedule with our expanded clinic hours.


And treatment is affordable with dental insurance coverage and smart, affordable payment plans.


Starting treatment early is smart because it can reduce the duration and cost of treatment. And if you are starting treatment later, we’ll work with you to get on track and stay on track. And our 0% financing and payment plans help you make the wise investment of great dental health.


People who have had their teeth straightened report happiness, relief, joy and a boost of confidence – they say the results of treatment are deeply rewarding. Holding back a smile is limiting expression. Straight teeth can give you a new sense of self. And that can be powerful.

While this video is for Invisalign, it demonstrates why crooked teeth should be corrected, either by braces or Invisalign.

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Learn More About Traditional Braces or Invisalign


Often the best choice for children, or anyone with advanced adjustment requirements.  Dental braces materials and methods have come a long way in comfort.


Often the best choice for teenagers and adults who are ready to commit to a healthier smile. Invisalign is also good for aesthetic smile make overs since no one will know you’re wearing braces.

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