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Why Invisalign Treatment?

Because so much can start with your smile.

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If you want to straighten your teeth without metal braces, Invisalign is the clear choice.

If your dental insurance plan covers orthodontics, chances are that your Invisalign is covered by insurance too.

And with our affordable payment plan, covering your Invisalign treatment is easy.

So How Does Invisalign Work?

If your teeth are misaligned, they can be moved into a corrected position to improve the look and function of your smile.

With Invisalign, your teeth are gradually moved using a series of clear, removable tooth aligners.

You wear the aligners everyday, removing them just for eating, flossing and brushing your teeth. And since they are custom made to fit to the exact contours of your teeth, they are comfortable to wear.

You’ll wear an aligner for 2 weeks and then move on to the next aligner in your customized series. Each tray is designed to slowly move your teeth into the desired position.

Best of all – your clear, custom trays are discreet. Unless you tell them, most people – dentists included- won’t even notice that you’re wearing braces!

Can Invisalign Fix My Teeth?

Invisalign clear braces can treat most orthodontic issues, but there are some exceptions. To find out if Invisalign is right for you, visit Platinum Dental Care for your personalized consultation.

We offer traditional dental braces and Invisalign for children, teenagers and adults. And we’re always happy to answer all your questions.

Call us now to get started. 416-783-8686.


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