5 Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

13 Aug

Dental implants have changed the way we replace teeth. Individuals who are missing most or all of their teeth on either or both arches can benefit from implant-supported dentures at Platinum Dental Care. Millions of patients worldwide have taken advantage of this long-term reliable teeth replacement option. There are numerous benefits of implant-supported dentures; today, we will explore five of them.

Optimal Denture Stability

One of the most common complaints among long-term denture wearers is that their prosthesis tends to shift or slip out of place when eating or speaking. This is because traditional dentures rest atop the gums for support. Eventually, the underlying bone changes and shrinks, as atrophy is a normal byproduct of tooth loss. When these changes occur, it affects the fit of the denture, leading to a loose-fitting appliance.

In contrast, an implant-supported denture is connected to dental implants for maximum stability. Therefore, patients who choose this option can enjoy all of their favourite foods without worry. As a bonus, there is no longer a need for messy, costly dental adhesives.

Jawbone Preservation

As mentioned above, when a tooth is removed, the supporting jawbone begins to deteriorate. This is because the roots stimulate the surrounding bone tissue and keep healthy bone intact. Once the roots are gone, the bone atrophies.

Dental implants replace the missing teeth roots, mimicking their micromovements. As a result, existing bone is preserved and future bone loss is prevented.

Natural-Looking Results

An implant-supported denture offers optimal aesthetics and stability for a lifelike smile. Before your dentures are crafted, impressions will be taken. These molds will be used to determine the most appropriate size and shape of each artificial tooth. Once your final prosthesis is delivered and placed, others will not be able to tell you are wearing a denture. In addition, the quality materials used in dentistry today closely resemble natural dental enamel. In fact, your prosthetic teeth can even reflect light in the same way, resulting in an incredibly natural-looking appearance.

After an initial healing period, your new implants posts will be fully integrated with the surrounding bone tissue. As a result, an implant-supported prosthesis feels so natural that many patients forget they are wearing a denture.

Improved Chewing Function

Because conventional dentures can slip and wobble, many patients have difficulty eating normally. In fact, many denture-wearers must re-learn how to chew food effectively.
In contrast, implant-supported dentures stay put while you eat. Individuals who choose this option can attend social events without worrying about a loose prosthesis.

Maximum Comfort

Traditional dentures can eventually wear sores and lesions on the gum tissue as they shift and slip around. In fact, conventional prostheses can even wear down the soft tissues inside the mouth.

Fortunately, implant-supported dentures are retained by the posts embedded in your jaw. Therefore, the prosthesis does not place excessive, unnecessary pressure on the gums, making implant-supported dentures exponentially more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.

Get Implant Supported Dentures in Toronto

Are you currently wearing a conventional denture?  If you are missing a significant number of teeth on the upper arch, lower arch, or both, an implant-supported denture could be the solution for you.  Our wonderful team of dental professionals will assess your dental condition, give you treatment options and explain payment plan options, so you can stabilize your denture and feel confident in your smile.  Located at Bathurst & Lawrence in Toronto, we offer free parking, extended hours, and complete dental care.

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