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13 Aug

Cracked or chipped teeth can do more than diminish confidence in your smile. When teeth are damaged by trauma or cavities, this could lead to nerve damage within the tooth, as well as sensitivity . At Platinum Dental Care in Toronto, CA, our dental professionals can assess your unique situation to determine how to best treat your broken teeth. From fillings, to crowns, to implants, our dentists have the right treatments to restore both your smile and your confidence. The severity of the damage, as well as the location of the crack above the gum line, both factor into which treatment our dentists will decide to use.

Dental Fillings for Small Chips

Whether it is caused by damage from a fall or tooth decay, dental fillings can be a great choice for remedying mild cracks in the teeth. Advances in composite fillings offer patients a safer, more natural-looking alternative to traditional, silver fillings. Our team will match the composite filling to your exact tooth shade, creating a white filling that blends in with your smile. Besides the aesthetic benefits of composite fillings, this form of treatment can also renew and strengthen teeth, whereas traditional silver fillings could make teeth weaker. These tooth-colored fillings are also advantageous in that our dentists don’t have to remove as much of your original tooth structure to prepare your teeth for filling placement .

Dental Crowns for Cracked Tooth Above The Gums

cracked tooth above the gumlineMuch like fillings, dental crowns offer both cosmetic and restorative benefits. For medium-sized chips in teeth, crowns reinforce the structure of a tooth while renewing a patient’s radiant smile. Our dentists can personalize crowns to blend naturally into each patient’s own smile, considering the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth and restoring patients’ biting capabilities.

To begin treating a moderate crack above the gum line, our team will modify the chewing surface and sides of the damaged tooth to make room for the dental crown. This shaping process is normally completed under local anesthesia. After the tooth has been filed down, our dentists will cast an impression of the affected tooth, sending the mold to a lab so the crown can be custom-fitted. While you are waiting on your personalized crown, a temporary version will be placed in order to protect your tooth and help your smile maintain a natural appearance.
After one or two weeks, our dentists will remove the temporary restoration and bond your customized crown, buffing and polishing the tooth until smooth and your bite is corrected.

Dental Implants for Cracked Tooth Below The Gums

In the case of severe cracks below the gum line, dental implants may be necessary, restoring both full form and function to the affected tooth. Dental implants are meant to replace the entire tooth, from root to crown, this is why it is the best option for a tooth cracked below the gum line.

With this process, the implants, which act as small screws, act as artificial tooth roots. Our dentists will surgically embed these implants into the jaw, and the posts will join to the natural bone process through osseointegration, fusing into the mouth’s natural anatomy. This results in a secure, stable hold much like that of healthy tooth roots. A replacement tooth is created to match the shape, size, and color of the patient’s surrounding teeth. This customized replacement tooth is then secured to the implants via abutments, restoring both the appearance and utility of a patient’s smile .

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