Saving Your Smile: What to Do About Missing Teeth

13 Aug

What to do About Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is nothing to smile about. While gaps in teeth are normal amongst children, they can pose a significant threat to our dental health if ignored as adults. In this post, we look at what causes missing teeth and why they must be treated. We also consider treatment options that help protect your dental health and restore your full smile.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

All of us lose teeth at some point in our lives. As children, we lose our baby teeth to make way for adult teeth, which will last us our entire lifetime with the right dental care.

As adults, tooth loss is not normal but might occur due to several factors. First, there is the risk of injury, where playing heavy contact sports without adequate protection might lead to a lost tooth or multiple teeth. Similar events such as falls, skating accidents or car crashes can knock teeth out of the gum socket. These are often immediate losses and happen accidentally.

The majority of tooth loss catch many people unaware due to poor dental care. Dental conditions such as gingivitis (gum disease) can gradually make the gums around a tooth weak, making the tooth wobbly and loose. Tooth decay and cavities can also weaken the enamel and root, making it unstable from the inside out.

Complications of Missing Teeth

Unlike children, missing teeth in adults can be problematic. Although ignoring a missing tooth might seem harmless at first, it can have a detrimental impact on your overall dental health. Not only does a missing tooth make activities like chewing and eating difficult, it can also affect your speech and effect adjacent teeth.

More importantly, you might encounter the following issues:

  • Teeth crowding as they attempt to bridge the gap, causing a crooked appearance.
  • Empty gum pockets that allow bacteria to thrive and cause gum disease and bone loss.
  • Shrinkage of the jawbone, further weakening your teeth and gums, making infections much more likely.

Treatments for Missing Teeth

If you have recently lost teeth, there is no need to worry with the right dental treatment. In many cases, it is important to fill the gap between teeth to protect the gum and prevent the remaining teeth from crowding. Therefore, the following treatment options might be recommended:

  • Implants – a long-lasting solution where a false tooth is carefully fused into the jawbone.
  • Bridges – where false teeth are attached to other teeth to fill the gap in the jaw.
  • Dentures – removable teeth that can restore both upper and lower sets of teeth.

Depending on your age, your gum health and the number of teeth lost, your dentist can recommend the right replacement teeth solution for you. Even with false teeth however, it is still vital to fix the original cause of the problem, as gums are susceptible to infection. Following a consistent dental hygiene routine will keep gums healthy and prevent any further damage. Talk to your local dentist or dental hygienist for guidance on healthy habits and attend regular cleanings and dental appointments.

Find a Dentist in Lawrence Park to Fix Missing Teeth

If you are in the Lawrence Park area and have questions regarding missing teeth, contact Platinum Dental Care today! Our friendly team of dental professionals are here to help restore your smile and protect your dental health. As well as the treatment options previously mentioned, we also offer advanced stage treatment such as bone regeneration.

At Platinum Dental Care, our priority is making sure you are happy with your dental health and can wear your smile with pride. Contact us today to book an appointment, we look forward to hearing from you!

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