Payment Plans for Dental Treatment | North York, ON

Prevention and early treatment are the best options for dental treatment. Once cavities, gum disease or tooth problems begin, it is less costly and less invasive to undergo treatment sooner, rather than later. At Platinum Dental Care, our dentists and hygienists are focused on saving teeth.  If you are in need of treatment, we off 0% interest free payment plans that can help you skip the wait.

Looking for a cosmetic smile make over for an upcoming special day? Are you ready to change something about your smile that has been bothering you for years? Dental treatment payment plans offer you a convenient, flexible way to get the smile you want.

0% Interest Payment Plans For Dental Treatment

Treatment Cost 6 Month Plan 12 Month Plan Interest Rate
$2,000.00 $333.33 $166.67 0%
$3,000.00 $500.00 $250.00 0%
$4,000.00 $666.67 $333.33 0%
$6,000.00 $1,000.00 $500.00 0%
$8,000.00 $1,333.33 $666.67 0%

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In-Office Financing Options

We offer short term payment plans in our office ranging from 2-6 months, secured with a credit card.

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