Bride not smiling because of dental issues

A Bride to Be Dental Makeover Can Give You a Gorgeous Smile Just in Time for Your Wedding

Now that you’re planning your wedding, there may be one thing standing between you and your dream day. If you struggle with dental stains or damaged or missing teeth, you may feel very self-conscious. You may also be worried about how your smile will appear in your wedding day photos. Fortunately, Platinum Dental Care can provide a customized bride to be dental makeover in our beautiful Toronto, ON dental office.

During your makeover, you can choose one or multiple cosmetic dental procedures to update your smile and correct various types of aesthetic dental issues.

When Should You Consider a Bridal Dental Makeover?

If you are preparing to get married, but you are still several months out from your wedding, you may be a good candidate for a bride to be dental makeover. This treatment can conceal or eliminate a wide variety of cosmetic problems, including stains, cracked teeth, misalignment, worn teeth, and overly large gums. At the same time, you should have good oral health. Gum disease and decay can limit your candidacy for a makeover, although we can often usually restore eligibility with appropriate treatments.

Makeovers are not only for brides. We know that the groom wants to look his best in photos, too. Similarly, as a mother or a member of the wedding party, you want to be able to share the pictures without embarrassment. A dental makeover can give you a spectacular smile that will last long beyond the wedding itself.

Your Makeover Timeline

It will take some time to complete your makeover, although your specific timeline will depend on the procedures you choose to include. Give yourself plenty of time to ensure that the process is finished before your wedding.

Invisalign® can take the longest of all the cosmetic treatments, especially if you suffer from overall bite misalignment. You will receive clear aligner trays, which you will switch out about every two weeks. In total, the treatment can take 12 to 18 months. Fortunately, however, the aligners are removable and very hard to see.

If you choose dental implants, it will also take some time to complete your care. Your dentist will set these titanium posts into your jaw during an oral surgery. Your bone will heal around the posts over four to six months. Only when you have completely recovered can you receive your new teeth. Although this does take longer than other restorative options, the results are also far more durable and stable.

Teeth whitening is typically the fastest of all treatments you could include in your makeover. Take-home whitening regimens usually last about three weeks. We can also perform in-office whitening for immediate results.

To correct chipped or broken teeth, we may suggest porcelain veneers. More severe damage may require a dental crown. It will only take about six weeks to plan for, prep, and place these restorations. Nevertheless, you need to allow additional time if you plan to combine these treatments with teeth whitening, since we will need to match the restorations to the new shade of your smile.

Why Choose Platinum Dental Care For Your Dental Makeover

When you make the investment in your smile, you want to be sure that you will receive caring treatment and great results. At Platinum Dental Care, we are committed to your comfort and to outstanding results.

We will begin with a thorough consultation so that we can make sure your treatment achieves your goals. Our welcoming team will make you feel right at home. We also know that an upcoming wedding takes a huge amount of time and effort. Fortunately, we offer extended hours and weekend appointments so you can easily fit your dental makeover into your tight schedule.

To find out how we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, contact Platinum Dental Care for an appointment.