Baby with toothbrush

Starting Your Child on the Road to Good Dental Health

When you have a new child, there is a lot to worry about. You want to be sure your little one is happy, healthy, and safe. You may lose hours of sleep worrying about a cough or a slight fever, and you probably have your pediatrician’s phone number on speed dial. But have you thought about your baby’s first visit to the dentist? Call our Toronto, Ontario dental office at 416-783-8686 and make an appointment today, so we can help you keep your child’s mouth healthy.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

You may not know this, but your child should visit the dentist after the first tooth erupts, no later than his or her first birthday. It may seem crazy to see the dentist so soon, but studies have shown that one in four children have their first cavity by the age of four, many experience tooth decay even earlier. Bringing your child in by age one helps the dentist find and treat any dental problems in their very early stages, before they escalate to cause further damage.

At Platinum Dental Care, we aim to make your youngster’s first visit positive for both parent and child. The doctor will discuss your child’s health history, advise you how to clean your infant’s teeth, and teach you how to identify bad oral habits, such as thumb sucking. You will learn about dental milestones to expect as your child grows, and how diet affects oral health. When the visit is over, the doctor will give you a suggested schedule for follow up visits. This is usually every six months, but may be tailored to your child’s specific needs.

Caring for Your Growing Child’s Dental Health

As your little one gets older, he or she will experience many dental milestones. We will be here to guide you in all the events, from teaching your child how to properly brush his or her teeth, to losing baby teeth, to developing secondary teeth. It is important that your child continue to attend regular dental checkups, so the doctor can catch any problems, or potential problems, at an early stage. Around age four, we’ll add regular dental cleanings at these visits, to help to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Your child may exhibit fear when you discuss the subject of a dental visit. Perhaps you or a loved one has expressed dislike for seeing the dentist, but often a child picks up the negativity at school or daycare. We suggest talking honestly, but positively, about visiting the dentist. Tell your child that the dentist is going to help keep their smile bright and clean, and that you go to the dentist regularly. Refrain from telling your child that sweet treats will mean unpleasant dental visits in the future. Instead, focus on the benefits of healthy eating.

Just for Fun
• Go online to find entertaining videos about visiting the dentist, such as “Open Sesame” by Sesame Street in Communities.
Colgate has many apps for education games and puzzles about taking great care of your teeth.
• Find coloring and activity sheets on the ADA website.
• At your local library, look for these titles: “Brush, Brush, Brush!” (Rookie Toddler Board Book by Alicia Padron), “Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth” (by Lucy Cousins), and “The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth” (Cartwheel Books, by Jeanette Lane)
• Search Youtube for cute videos like Cavity Jane and others for growing children

Meet Your New Children’s Dentist In Toronto

From that very first visit as an infant, we will be here to guide you and your little one down the road to good dental health. Our friendly team provides children’s dentistry, family dental care, orthodontics, Invisalign, dental implants and more. New patients of any age are welcome. We are located in the Lawrence Plaza at Bathurst & Lawrence. Contacts us to schedule your or your child’s first dental visit today.