Forest Hill North Dentist

In North York, ON, Platinum Dental Care presents an extensive array of dental services tailored for every member of your family, all within a singular, accessible location.

Backed by our skilled dentists and adept dental hygienists, we operate alongside a courteous and proficient support staff. Our collective dedication revolves around delivering unparalleled dental care for your family right here in Forest Hill North. To achieve this, we consistently participate in additional training courses, ensuring that we remain on the forefront of dental technologies, methods, and materials.

We invest the necessary time to engage in conversations about your dental health aspirations and preferences, guiding you towards optimal solutions that address your worries. Our offered solutions encompass:

Restorative Dental Care (crowns, dentures, dental implants)
Cosmetic Dental Care (tooth-colored dentistry, porcelain veneers, mercury-free dentistry, teeth whitening)
General Dental Care (low-radiation digital x-rays, sedation dentistry, TMD therapy).

Beyond these services, our dentists possess the qualifications to perform an extensive spectrum of additional procedures, all aimed at giving you a compelling reason to smile.


Platinium Dental Care / North York Dentists

Dr. Shai Levy along with the entire Platinum Dental Care team, are committed to delivering the highest quality dental services in the most comfortable setting. This dedication is why many parents opt for us for their children's initial dental visit. We are recognized as the preferred gentle dentists in Forest Hill North, catering to the needs of the entire family.

Our Forest Hill North dental team employs cutting-edge dental technology to provide top-tier care. We utilize low-radiation digital radiography to achieve exceptional imaging while minimizing exposure. This technology is complemented by intraoral photography, enhancing our diagnostic accuracy. For treatments, we embrace quiet electric hand piece technology, resulting in a notably more pleasant experience compared to the conventional (anxiety-inducing) dental drill.

The dentists at Forest Hill North can address a wide spectrum of dental concerns, working to restore your smile. Backed by the appropriate qualifications, expertise, and advanced technology, Platinum Dental Care is poised to grant you a stunning smile.