Part of the Community

Part of the North York Community

Platinum Dental Care is not just a dental office; it's an integral part of the vibrant North York community at the junction of Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue West. Spearheaded by dedicated professionals like Dr. Shai Levy, Dr. Mitchell Sutton, Dr. Tracy Berman, and Dr. Stephen Gurza, along with the entire Platinum Dental Care team, our dental clinic embodies community involvement and care.

Beyond offering exceptional dental services, we foster connections by actively engaging with the local neighborhood, promoting oral health awareness, and hosting informative events. With deep roots in the North York area, Platinum Dental Care has become a trusted destination for comprehensive dental care while nurturing a sense of togetherness within the community we proudly serve.


Award Winning Dentists

Our friendly team of dentists, specialists, dental hygienists, assistants and care coordinators are ready to see you for your next appointment! We offer complete family dental care for toddlers to elderly family members, from first check ups to dentures, and everything in between.

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Tagalog, Hebrew, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjab, Italian, Portuguese and sign language for the deaf

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