Jawbone deterioration and bone grafting

Our amazing bodies have self-healing and self-preservation activities hardwired in to them. One example of this is bone loss in the jaw after tooth loss. After a tooth is lost, the human body knows that the area of the jaw which no longer houses a tooth, no longer needs nutrients to keep a tooth alive, so the body redirects nutrients to other vital areas of the body. The downside of course, is that area of the jaw begins to shrink, or resorb.  This has unwanted consequences. The solution is a bone graft procedure at the time of extraction, or as soon as possible after tooth loss, to keep the jaw bone healthy and viable.

Side Effects Of Tooth Loss

Whether a tooth is lost in a trauma like as ports injury or car accident, or to gum disease or other dental issues, the bone resorption (shrinking) process still has the same negative results, which can include:

  • Collapse of the shape of the face resulting in a more gaunt or “aged” aged appearance
  • Brittleness of the jaw
  • Healthy teeth drifting into the empty space, causing new dental issues such as malocclusion or TMJ and jaw pain issues
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Difficulty to eat range of healthy foods
  • Difficulty enunciating words
  • Embarrassment/lack of confidence due to visible missing teeth

Fortunately, the doctors at Platinum Dental Care can provide treatment to restore lost jawbone tissue or to prevent deterioration. The bone regeneration procedure is known as a bone graft.

About Bone Grafting

A bone graft treatment for a missing tooth involves securing a graft (manmade or natural bone tissue) into an empty tooth socket. After the graft is placed, the doctor will suture together gum tissue to protect the site. This entire procedure can be done in one to one-and-a-half hours. Healing time for the new bone to grow into the existing bone and strengthen the area takes about three months. During this time, you can continue to eat, chew and speak normally. Once the graft is integrated with the jawbone, a solid foundation forms, and a dental implant can be secured in the area, or the patient can opt for a bridge or denture to replace the lost tooth/teeth.

Your Bone Grafting Dentist In Toronto

At Platinum Dental Care, our dentists offer bone grafting treatment.  In addition, we offer tooth extraction and tooth implants, so patients can enjoy complete treatment in one office, without having to wait to see a specialist.

To discuss your options for restoring a missing tooth, schedule a specific exam and consultation with our dentists.  During your exam, the dentist will determine whether a bone graft is suitable for you, and offer you options. Our administrative team can provide you with an estimate and insurance and payment plan options. You can schedule treatment with laughing gas if you choose, though most patients are surprised to fine that the treatment is tolerated well with regular local anesthetic.

If you have lost a tooth, require extraction, or have already endured bone degeneration in your jaw, the Platinum Dental Care team wants to help you restore or preserve your good oral health. Call our Toronto, ON dental office today to schedule a consultation and exam.